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Inflatable Hot Tub Maintenance ? Some Useful Tips

It is very exciting feeling owning a inflatable hot tub, which is also an excellent addition to any home. Inflatable Hot tub allows you to relax, be in the company of other family members and spend time together.

Regular maintenance of inflatable hot tub is very important to keep water safe. In the water, you have to keep a close watch on the Ph and Chlorine levels. If the level of these 2 is in balance then the water in the inflatable hot tub is safe for use. For sanitizing & cleaning the water in the tub, chlorine is a most important agent. There is another alternate to chlorine that can be used which is known as Bromine & can be added as granules, tablets or nuggets. Many of the new inflatable hot tubs have bromine dispensers which dispense the correct amount of bromine in tub’s water for 2 months. This facility helps in cutting down a lot of maintenance troubles which you need to do on regular basis.

Some other chemicals that are added once every week to clean the water such as one cleaning agent called scum out, another one to clear the water called spa bright and another one to remove foam from the water and comes as a spray.

Another important thing to do is to keep the filter clean and on an average, you should clean it once every month. You can keep the water safe, clean and clear by keeping the hot tub’s filter clean. There is a cleansing agent also available for quick rinsing of the filter which can keep the filter looking brand new for about a year. It will also be advisable to replace the filter on a yearly basis.

These are some of the tips which can help you keep your inflatable hot tub clean, safe and clear for your as well as your family’s use on everyday basis. If it happens that your or any other family member’s nose burns or the eyes burn or water is too hot then most probably there is something not correct with the levels in the hot tubs water. You need to immediately check the chemical levels, fix the problems and then see if the problems have been corrected or not.